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You are here: Home » News » How to use light to create value and pleasure?

How to use light to create value and pleasure?

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-20      Origin: Site

Why do seemingly innocent lights become intimate enemies in people's lives on weekdays? Op Lighting believes that all we know is the basic role of lighting, that is, light passes through the visual system to enter the image of the object into the eyes; however, light also affects the non-visual system, providing us with other information besides visual information. These illuminations provide human non-visual information and construct our healthy life.

Op's R&D team uses research on the relationship between light and health to demonstrate different technologies from other lighting companies. On August 31, OP Commercial Lighting opened its Lighting Experience Center in Shenyang, focusing on three major areas of lighting experience: residential space, office space and consumer space. The comprehensive presentation of lighting schemes in all fields almost covers the lighting experience of most places in life. By simulating different scenes, participants can feel the change of mood as the quality of light changes. At the same time, OP Lighting emphasizes the chemical reaction of light in the above places: creating value and pleasure with light, reflecting OP Lighting's unique humanistic care and lighting concept.

What is the relationship between illumination and health? The human body has its own biological clock. For thousands of years, people have been living in the way of sunrise and sunset, but the emergence of artificial light has greatly delayed the time of sunset and sunset. First of all, light affects our physiological rhythm system, in which the phase shift of sleep waking rhythm is most strongly stimulated by lighting. So without pulling the curtains to sleep, summer always wakes up earlier than winter, because the physiological rhythm system is affected by natural light for waking time. Based on this rule, by providing different illumination exposure and exposure time, the rhythm time can be shifted, and the biological clock of falling asleep and waking can be adjusted forward or backward as needed.

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