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How to choose indoor lighting?

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-20      Origin: Site

Different colors of warm light source to enhance multi-level lighting in living room

The most eye-catching light source in the living room is the non-central Pendant lamp. As the main lighting source, the living room traditionally uses the warm lamp source with high color and temperature to create a more atmosphere; secondly, the second is the enhanced light source, which can focus on something that wants to stand out, such as a projector on a hanging picture, the backlight of a big chair, etc. Jiang Mei, a senior designer who has been engaged in design work for many years, said, "This will make the living room form a visual focus, so that others can ignore other problems that may exist in the living room, such as narrow space and so on."

Wall lamp, reading lamp, dining table lamp and functional lamp can enhance the layered sense of illumination, thus creating a warm home effect. But Jiang Mei mentioned that the best color temperature of these light sources should be similar. For example, warm light sources with different intensities should interact with each other, so as not to mix cold and warm light sources, so as to avoid the whole space being out of harmony.

The key is to pay attention to the illumination intensity of kitchen functional light source

Compared with the living room, kitchen lighting is a better choice. Because the kitchen function is particularly prominent, first of all, the lighting intensity of the light source should ensure that bright cold light source or neutral light source can make the kitchen have a bright hall of cleanliness. At the same time, the reporter learned that the light placed on the workbench can choose neutral low-pressure spotlight, which responds well to the rich colors of different foods, not only brings clear work lighting but also near sunlight, and has been widely used in kitchens. In addition, designer Jiang Mei mentioned that the cold light source bright ceiling lamp plus the neutral color palette on the workbench is particularly suitable for the white kitchen's sense of clarity.

The bathroom light source also has functional requirements - responsible for illuminating the dressing mirror, so the choice of dressing mirror lighting is very important, neither too strong nor too dark. You can choose a warm light source, especially when you enter the toilet at night, you won't be sleepy because it's too bright.

Bedroom warmth as the main low-color warm light source is the best

Next, talk about the bedroom. Generally speaking, the bedroom lighting should be warm and private to achieve emotional relaxation before falling asleep, which is naturally the best source of warm light. At this time, the bedroom decoration is very important, from the wall color, furniture collocation, curtain shading and other aspects should be considered in many ways. At the same time, if the bedroom is equipped with low-wattage lamps similar to candlelight sources, it not only meets the warmth and comfort, but also does not affect the basic lighting. In addition, a small LED spotlight can be added to the head of the bed for reading, which is convenient and practical.

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