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You are here: Home » News » Why are more and more cars equipped with LED daytime traffic lights?

Why are more and more cars equipped with LED daytime traffic lights?

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-20      Origin: Site

The function of daytime traffic lights

The English name of daytime traffic lights is "Daytime Running Light", short for DRL, which translates into daytime traffic lights and is also easy to understand. First of all, its function is not to illuminate, but to let the front and opposite vehicles notice the location of the vehicle you are driving, which is its most fundamental design intention.

In addition, the daytime traffic light is also a light that does not need any extra operation at all. After the vehicle starts, it will automatically light up, and in any gear of the light switch, it can not be turned off manually.

Early daytime traffic lights

Nordic is the first area to advocate that turning on the lights during the day can improve road safety, because Nordic countries have high latitude (participation, pictures, inquiries) and many snowstorms, which make it difficult to guarantee their sight. Driving lights are necessary for driving safety. More than 30 years ago, Sweden put in traffic regulations that it had to drive lights during the day, and more and more European and American countries began to implement the regulations. In 2011, the European Union also introduced the rule that new cars must be equipped with daytime traffic lights.

It is not advisable to use daytime traffic lights only in the evening.

Some drivers drive at night with only a daytime light on. That's totally wrong! It must be remembered that the daytime traffic light is only a reminder, and it must not be used as a lighting tool! Not ornaments! Be sure to use the right lighting in dark places and at night.

The daytime traffic lights are mostly LED light sources, reflecting to the front through the reflector, so the light is not directed to the road. In the evening, the light emitted by the daytime traffic lights is very diffuse. Although it is very bright from the outside, even some dazzling, but from the perspective of the car, it is better than not driving lights, the front is still black. Almost, the difference between the two is more distinct when you turn on the low-light. If you only use daylight in the evening to look "dazzling", then please don't do it again. It's not responsible for yourself and others.

On the other hand, if you only turn on the daylight in the dark, it will not only affect the direction of the vehicle and the front car, but also can not get a good lighting effect for the driver. The seemingly dazzling daylight is like no light for the people in the car.

Why are so many cars equipped with daytime traffic lights?

In fact, not all manufacturers think together, product design is to follow the needs and regulations. At the beginning of 2011, the European Union stipulated that all new cars produced in China must be equipped with daytime traffic lights, that is to say, when the lights are turned on during the day without the user's own operation, the start-up will be on. So 100% of new cars imported from Europe now are equipped with daytime traffic lights. Japanese, Korean, American and many joint venture models are also standard matched. That's a good thing for countries that haven't yet asked for daytime lights.

How to turn on the daytime traffic lights?

Unlike other car lights, daytime traffic lights have no switches (except the later modified daytime traffic lights), and can not be turned on or off at will. Usually the engine starts automatically and the driver turns on the conventional light and then goes out automatically.

Of course, if you have to turn off the daytime traffic lights, there is still a way to turn off the whole function of the daytime traffic lights. The usual method is to insert the car key first, then set the key to the first gear, then turn the turn light to the left and turn the high light on by lifting the dial rod. Don't let go at this time, then set the key to the second gear (self-check), and wait until you hear the noise.

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